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About The Pup Nation


    The Pup Nation got its start because we were looking for a durable yet
comfortable and fashionable collar for our pups. We looked at the market
and saw that anything that was aesthetically pleasing was also highly
priced. Putting our heads together, we decided that we could design and
manufacture a collar that would better fit our dog’s needs. We worked for
over a year on the design, making changes and testing the collars out on our
dogs until we made the perfect collar.
    Over the last year we have poured our hearts into this company and
we are so thankful for all of you that have followed The Pup Nation on
social media to share our exciting journey. Your support for the pictures of
our collars and the overwhelming response from those of you that
have had the opportunity to test the collars for yourselves has reassured us
that there is a need for a collar like the one The Pup Nation has designed.
    The Pup Nation believes in the importance of rescue organizations.
All of our dogs are rescues and without the dedicated work of rescues
organizations, we would not have our best friends. That is why The Pup
Nation is so excited and proud to announce that each month through The
Pup Nation’s Instagram we will choose one follower’s name who adds 
#thepupnation to their pics to use as a discount code for the collars and The Pup
Nation will be donating three pounds of dog food from every collar purchase to the rescue organization of that follower’s choice.
    Adventure awaits. Get your pup a collar built for the outdoors yet comfortable enough to wear indoors!

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