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7 Reasons why these dog hats are all the rage this summer!


1. Protection from the Sun

Credit: @_straightinmybasket_

 Very few people realize the effects that the sun can have on your dog’s vision. Just like humans, harmful UV light from the sun can cause dogs to develop cataracts which leads to cloudy or blurred vision. These hats help keep the sun out of their eyes and keep their eyes healthy!

 2. Colors!

These hats come a bunch of fun colors, guaranteed to have your pup styling all summer long!

3. Perfect for Summer Adventures

Credit: @lostandhoundmke

Credit: @lostandhoundmke

Whether you and your pup have big plans for hikes in the mountains, walks in the park, or catching some rays at the beach, these hats are perfect for all your summer adventures and will keep your pup’s snout from getting burnt.

4. Dog Having a Bad Hair Day? Get Them a Hat!


Let’s face it: Dogs can have bad hair days also! Why not hide their bed head with some style?

5. Makes your pup stand out

Credit: @charlietheshichi

 I bet you can count on one hand how many pups wear hats. When you take your pup to the dog park, everyone will notice you have the cutest dog at the pupper park.

6. CUTE!!

Credit: @bbflabradors

 I mean c’mon, not only are these hats really cute, they’ll make your pup look insanely cute! (just when you thought your pup couldn’t get any cuter)

7. Have we mentioned how cute these are!?

Get yours here today!


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